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Immersion heaters are made of one or several tubular heating elements fitted on a mounting flange or screw plug.

They can be adapted and designed for a wide variety of applications. Materials used to manufacture them can be very different depending on operating temperatures and liquids to be heated up.

The assembly of several heating elements on one single mounting fitting enables to modify 1-phase and 3-phase wirings (delta or star connection) and to design the most suitable product (thermal properties, wattage, size) at the lowest price.


Immersion heaters are designed for heating up liquids by natural or forced convection in tanks, bain-marie or heaters in all industries such as the chemical, petrochemical, food processing and car industries. They are also used for heating up swimming pool water, etc..

A wide range of standard immersion heaters are available in stock or can be delivered very quickly.


We advise you to contact our sales department to define which standard or non-standard product suits your application best.