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Presentation and applications examples

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High density cartridge heater - CCHC

Cartridge heaters are cylindrical electrical heating elements. Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their operating temperature can go up to 800C (1472F).

Mostly used for heating up solids such as injection presses heating plates or various tools, they can also be used for heating up water of gases under certain conditions. Widely used for manufacturing plastic and rubber parts in the car industry or in the food processing industry, etc… they are also commonly found in the chemical, electronics, medical equipment, packing and nuclear industries.

Various cartridge heater technologies are available. The choice of technology will depend on technical specifications required and the application. Unless you know exactly which product you are looking for, we will recommend you the best solution for your needs.

Available technologies are :

Watt density (W/cm) can be a decision factor, but dimensions of heater and conditions of use (temperature, vibrations, environment,…) are also important factors when making the choice between the different technologies.

Above values are only indicative. Precautions as to how cartridge heater should be used are not the same whether you are using a high or low watt density cartridge heater built with the same technology. Please refer to section Precautions and conditions of use (mettre un lien avec la rubrique)

Then for very specific applications, we have developed :

In order to help you in your enquiry and in defining the product you need, we have come up with a questionnaire  that you can either e-mail, fax or mail to us.