Temperature control
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Self-tuning temperature controller G48CSP2E
Electronic proportional temperature controller
Bulb thermostat
Bimetallic limiter
Energy regulator
Temperature limiter
Thermic fuse
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Presentation & applications examples

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Most heating installations include temperature control equipment. It is an essential part of the installation and it must be in adequacy with aimed results. There is an adequate temperature control system for every type of installation. Whether it is a programmable electronic, on/off or bimetallic controller, it should be selected according to precision required, inertia and reliability over time.

Advice for use :

A temperature control system can in no way compensate for wrong wattage calculations (overwattage), wrong positioning of heating elements (side heat losses, poor heat transfer in materials to be heated up) or improper fitting of elements (clearance, wrongly sized heating element).

Our technical department can help you to define you needs of heating elements from the early stages of your project as it is usually difficult to go backwards later on in the project. It is also incorrect to think that a good temperature control will make things up.